Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tornado Reported in Coon Rapids [Updated]

Yesterday our neighbors were refinishing their deck. Heather decided to supervise.

"A little bit off."

I was trying to start a new flower bed.

And today much of the same manual labor continued for my neighbors and me. They tilled and added stairs to the deck. I borrowed their tiller to work on the garden.

It was very humid in the afternoon, and the conditions were ripe for severe weather to develop, and it did.


The above pictures were taken in these vicinities to the east of us.

Initial reports of touchdown were in this area to the west of the above location.

Update: Here are some related news items:
Damage surveys start in storm-ravaged Minn. town
Tornado Wipes Out Homes in Hugo, 20 People Missing
Tornado hits Coon Rapids as storms barrel through the metro
1 Confirmed Killed, 20 Missing In Minn. Tornado

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