Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good News Today

I just realized that I hadn't mentioned that the day after I talked to Dr. Amatruda, I had a brain MRI done to check whether or not it had spread there as well. Oops. Sorry. It was on the Calendar in the sidebar.

Angie had been asking me whether or not I'd heard any results on the brain MRI I took last week. "When are you going to find out?" She was far more impatient than I was. I figured they'd tell me something when they had something to tell me, and that there wasn't really anything that being in a rush to find out would buy me.

So she called me up this afternoon and called to tell me that they had called the house and said that it turned out okay. Obligatory jokes ensued:
"What took them so long?" "They had to find it first, I guess."
"Maybe it was too small."
I was happy with the good results as soon as she said they'd called. I knew that if they weren't going to talk to me directly that it would be good news. And with her impatience, I think it was best that she took the call anyways.

So now it's onward to take care of the liver. I've pretty much switched over to Busch N/A these days. I do allow myself two non-consecutive Busch Lights a night. Angie tells me that has done wonders to curtail my obnoxious snoring. But the strangest side effect has been having an appetite. Oh, well. I'm sure I'll have more oddities to get used to in the near future. :p

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Anonymous said...

happy for you Daaaaaaaaave =D