Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beer Trek

This may sound a little strange, but Busch N/A is not terribly easy to find. I have cleaned out the nearby Rainbow Foods. The local Cub Foods didn't seem to have any. The Star Liquors doesn't care it either. I've cleaned the MGM Liquor out twice, but I did ask the manager to increase supply.

My "weekend supply" dried up early with the Vikings-Packers game. So I went off in search of placebo beer.

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My first attempt was a neighborhood grocery store (B), but it was a longshot and an employee said they didn't carry that item. I pushed on into Blaine to check the SuperTarget (C). They had beer, they had N/A beer, but they didn't have Busch N/A. I needed to get some Dora soup for Heather, so I grabbed a couple cans and decided to take an O'Doul's as backup.

Not to be deterred, I pushed on. I went to the Rainbow in Blaine (D), thinking that the grocery chain might have it in stock at a different location. Well, there was a shelf spot, but it was empty. Nearly defeated, I decided to try the Cub Foods (E) not far away. Lo and behold, I found some!

All right. Go ahead and snicker.

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