Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Next?

This afternoon I got a call from Gretchen regarding the results of the blood test from the other day. Apparently, my attempt to get my bilirubin into a range acceptable for the clinical trial was not successful. Mine's too high or too low for that program, and they denied her request for a waiver.

On the bright side, she also told me I would not have been accepted into that study because my tumors were too small. I had a chuckle as she noted that perhaps she could have told me that first, but I told her I'm generally a "give me the bad news first" type of person.

So what next? Right now I don't know. I've still got the brain MRI tomorrow, and then I'll swing on in Friday to discuss with Dr. Amatruda what our new action plan will be. But at the moment I surmise that I will not be celebrating MLK day by getting started with a round of chemotherapy.

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