Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maintaining the Status Quo

I suppose I should have posted some sort of an update a while ago, but [insert lame excuse here]. Here's how things have gone since my first chemo session.

Friday, Jan. 30th I was pretty much just taking it all in and being tired. Saturday I didn't know how I should be feeling either, so I was dragging quite leisurely. Sunday was the Super Bowl, and Angie and I enjoyed the game.

Monday I was headed to work, but I wasn't sure how that would go. By 3ish that day, I was feeling pretty worn out; I stayed until about 4:30. One of the reasons I left early was that in addition to being tired, darkness still arrived by 5:30 (I think). Since I have always gotten quite tired when driving at dusk, I figured it was in my best interest to duck out a bit early.

This first work week I was going to bed about 8 o'clock. There I'd flip channels and feel pretty worn out. I wouldn't be awake as late as "usual", probably falling asleep before 11. As the days wore on, things slowly returned to my normal. I was eating pretty much the same thing I'd had previously, and didn't have any nausea.

And so it has been. I've been doing good ol' dull and boring stuff like trying to prepare my taxes, framing and hanging pictures, and basically going about things pretty much how I had done before. I've been trying to figure out some Facebook stuff as well: picture uploading and what-not.

More or less, that is my lame excuse from above. There has been nothing really interesting to post about.

Update: Or, oops I forgot...

We did have a very nice Valentine's Day. I ordered take-out from the Texas Roadhouse. For the occasion I even cleaned up with a haircut and a shave (my hair hasn't fallen out yet, but a shave now lasts for days and days).

The food was excellent, and I shielded Angie from the feeling of being herded like cattle in the restaurant. We were both still full from those delicious steaks at least 6 hours later.

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