Sunday, December 7, 2008

Life Goes On Around Me

After the surgery on Wednesday, I had been feeling able to walk by myself already by about 4:30 -- just a couple hours afterwards. In fact, when they took me to the parking ramp in the wheelchair, they'd wanted Angie to swing the car around to end up right in front of me. But since it would have meant navigating the up-a-level/down-the-exit-side wanderings, I just got out of the chair and walked past the 20-ish cars to catch up with her and make exiting the facility easier. This was the start of me perhaps not taking it as easy as I should have been doing.

Having made it to an upright position for sitting, it was a bit uncomfortable trying to return to a prone position. And since sitting in front of the computer clicking and reading and tapping at the keyboard does not feel like any kind of exertion, I think I'd begun being a upright perhaps more than I should have been for the past couple of days. Come bedtime, finding a comfortable position lying down was a bit difficult. And since I usually sleep on my side, but mostly on my stomach, sleeping only on my back was making my back quite sore. So it was even easier to resume a sitting position.

But as the Vicodins dwindled through yesterday, I tried harder to get comfortable lying down. And this morning I had to have Angie do a morning routine with Heather while I slept in. The result is that the area on my right side that has intermittent twangs of brief, sharp pain has receded a bit. (Or maybe I'm feeling the sore back competing for attention a bit more?)

Anyway, I may be a stubborn old cuss, but when all else fails I'll do what I believe I'm supposed to be doing. Or at least I'm more inclined to lie down a bit more than I have been doing in the past few days.

My Distractions

Angie probably wouldn't care for me discussing her health concerns here, but I'll try to summarize: for a couple of months she has been stressed and her cycle has been way out of whack. The other night she finally sought medical attention and was prescribed the pill to try to set her cycle straight. This seems to be working in its initial start.

It snowed the other day, and at least I knew enough to ask Brooke to shovel the driveway while Angie and her friend were gone to the hospital -- she would have really been after me if I'd done it even though the first round was a fairly light dusting. When Angie finally returned home from the long medical visit, the first thing I heard was, "Who shoveled!?"

I knew better in part because I'd already sneaked out and driven to the drug store to fill her prescription for her. I was still taking the Vicodin, but that dose was wearing off and I'd gotten familiar with the effects in the previous days. And besides -- I needed to get out because once again my fake beer supply was gone.

In the meantime I've been spending a lot of time maintaining some of my online haunts. On Facebook more folks I know have been appearing, and I'm doing what I can to maintain on online presence there. But it's been as my alter ego, High Plains Blogger, where I've been doing many of my wanderings and updates. In particular, I've been rather engaged with Twitter as HPB. I really try to keep these two sides of me a bit separate, but since that's what's been keeping me busy lately, I'll make this brief mention.

Heather picked up a bit of a cold the other day, and we've given her some children's ibuprofen to nip in the bud some minor fevers and orneriness. That appears to be working as well. Brooke went to a movie with her boyfriend last night, and today they and some friends went to Cheap Skate for an afternoon of rollerskating. I've been instructed to ignore the fresh snow and let Brooke shovel again once she returns from skating.

A view from the garage.

Cripes, this post was been filled with a lot of random thoughts. 'Tis the season to be scatterbrained, I guess.

Before I forget, I'd better say an early "Happy Birthday!" to Dad, who will be 79 tomorrow. I hope I had gotten the cards out in the mail earlier this week.

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