Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chemoembolization Followup II

Much like the last time, it took me about 10 days to start getting back to normal. Of course I'd started trying earlier than that.

I'd spent all of Monday (June 8) in the hospital, coming home Tuesday about noonish. My issues with the bed disappeared with the morphine drip that I hit more regularly this time. As explained to me by Dr. Tom, the backaches and sore shoulders were projected pain from the liver. So I took the pain meds more liberally this time around.

Angie had asked if I'd wanted her laptop the previous time, but I declined. This past time, however, I decided to give it a go. It was rather nice to have internet access, even though I didn't really feel like being "on" that much of the time. Still, it was a more interesting way to kill time when the available TV channels did not interest me.

I took it easier that Tuesday being home, and didn't even try to go in to work on Wednesday. I was feeling a little more achy or tired, I thought, this time around. Or maybe I was just attending the pain with meds again more freely. Either way, I think it was probably better that I'd tried to take it easy. I did about a half day of work on Thursday, and darn near the whole day on Friday, leaving a little bit early.

On the weekend I tried not to do all that much, but did break down and decide to borrow a bigger hammer to pound the stakes for my raspberries' new "tennis court" that I'd started the weekend before when I planted the tomatoes.

This week Monday was almost normal, work-wise. But I had a hard time sleeping that night and Tuesday I worked from home. Today was pretty much the first day back at "business as usual" for me. My appetite has been returning this week after its absence in the previous one.

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