Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good News for a Change

Last week on Monday I had a CT and an MRI of the "after" chemoembolization I and II. As I've mentioned, I tend to avoid even looking at the disks they give me before I leave Suburban Imaging. So this morning I was again pretty nervous for my consultation with Dr. Amatruda.

Fortunately, this time he had relatively good news for me. The tumor(s) on the right (probably the dark spots to the left in the picture) -- treated in the first chemoembolization -- were smaller, and the one(s) on the left -- treated in the second round -- were the same size. There was a side note that there was a nationwide shortage of the particular type of chemo used in I that wasn't used in II. So our course of action is to continue another right-left go with chemoembolizations, and preferably with the one with which my tumor(s) got smaller.

With that, we're heading to Bismarck tomorrow for the holiday weekend. I'd better get to packing soon.

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