Thursday, December 10, 2009

Funeral Preparations

I just want to post this to make this available to those it may eventually concern. I had some of it on paper, but I wanted the online version for the links, and easier access to everybody, and easier editing, and so I'd remember where it's at, and such like that.

I would like to use the same funeral home as Dad, which would be Eastgate and Parkway Funeral Service (contact info, Eastgate: 701-223-7322, Parkway: 701-223-1100). In particular, it was the Parkway location that was used for Dad. That would be fine by me, but the Eastgate location would work just as well if not possibly better.

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I haven't worked out details with Eastgate at this time. But I did inquire about what might need to be done if I die in Minnesota. I was told that my remains would need to be handled locally first, but that they could do the service and such much like what we saw with Dad.

I contacted a local place, Gearheart Anoka Funeral Home, (763) 421-4347, and asked a few questions.

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I think the minimum of what would need to be done here is the following.
  • Removal of remains, $395
  • Embalming, $995
This is not everything, but a basic start. We wouldn't need to have a casket for my transportation, but I may look into caskets here. Then again, I don't know if I'll die here, so there would be a delivery issue perhaps.

The 'removal of remains' is the handling of my body after I'm dead. That is, retrieving it from wherever it lies and taking it back for embalming and what-not. I would need to be embalmed before being transported to Bismarck, but that need not involve a casket (there is a 'funeral cot' or something).

There is also a mileage charge for moving my remains to Bismarck from the Anoka funeral home. And then there are many things, it would seem, that would be charged for the rest of the funceral handling at Parkway/Eastgate in Bismarck. This could include the casket if I haven't gotten one by then. And the funeral service, whatever extras, transporting me to the cemetery.

If there is to be any church involvement, I would choose Corpus Christi. Father Becker, I guess, we would need to contact: 255-4600 (ext. 203). Also, possibly Sister Ivo Schoch, 255-3104 (ext. 208).

One last item of mention is a potential list of pall bearers: Michael Truong, James Truong, Dan Johnson, Noel Wareham, Harley Schwind, Marv Olson.

We already have the burial plot at Fairview Cemetery, (701) 223-1947, but I don't know what might need to be done for digging or whatever. It might be something that is coordinated out of the funeral home, so we'd need to call either Fairview or Eastgate/Parkway. Our location is Plat No. 12, Lot 31, Grave Nos. 15A & 15B; I believe I go in the 'B'.

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