Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I was able to enjoy a very nice Thanksgiving dinner here, and my stomach was nice enough to cooperate. Angie had to do pretty much all the work, but she did a wonderful job. I think I only helped near the end with taking the turkey out of the roaster and carving it.

And the day after Thanksgiving I had my next bit of chemo. While I was doing that, Heather visited Santa. She enjoyed it a lot.

Heather wanted to get the Christmas tree up right away, and I wanted to as well, but I didn't have it in me yet on Thanksgiving weekend. Later in the week, I was finally able to summon some energy. But I only got the tree together before I was pooped. Heather and Mandy put decorations on in the meantime. I told Heather I'd need to take them off to put on the lights and the garland, but the didn't bother Heather at all. She just got to decorate the tree twice!

I went for the last injection of this round on Friday the 4th. Angie had to work that morning, so Noel gave me a ride to the clinic and back. I had an issue with my sink in the upstairs bathroom, and I imposed on him for a little help with it. We took a quick look and then ran to Menard's and back. I bought the part, but Noel did the install and I owe him much thanks for that.

During the time I was keeping him, he had mentioned that he was going to lunch at a nearby Chinese buffet. Now I'm normally not one to get my money's worth at a buffet, even before any of this chemo stuff, so he knew I wasn't interested. But I felt hungry, and I hadn't done much outside the house, so although it probably sounds like something quite inconsequential, I asked if I could come with.

I'll be darned if I couldn't put back my money's worth at the buffet. Really! Ask Noel. I thought I'd sneak in front and pay for Noel's lunch for all he had helped me with that day. I whipped out the card ... and was told "cash or check" only. I felt about three inches tall. Tony, who we were lunching with, picked up the whole tab. So another thank-you to Tony.

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