Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chemoembolization Followup

I had my chemoembolization on Tuesday, May 5 according to the calendar on this blog. The procedure itself was somewhat interesting for the little bit of it I remember. It was done in a room that seemed to be a cross between an operating room and a really slim and sporty MRI or CT machine. I don't remember all that much of it actually.

Staying the night in the hospital was kinda boring and I found the bed uncomfortable. It was an air mattress that made noise whenever I shifted weight, as some pump moved air to another part of the mattress. But I think it was permanently set to 'concrete' as a comfort level. I didn't choose to hit the pain meds all through that day, but when night came I hit it a couple times to help me sleep through the night. Most of my issue, to me at least, was the bed.

I left the hospital Wednesday and took it easy. This is pretty much indistinguishable from my routine except that I did not go to work. Thursday I tried to work from home, but only managed to do so for what I would bill as a half day. And again, I took it easy (whether or not anyone can tell the difference is another story).

Friday I went into work, but again managed about a half day. The thing that I started to recognize as my issue was perhaps a very bad case of acid indigestion. It was causing an upset stomach, but what I really felt was pain in my back and shoulder. Saturday night Ryan was returning, and Noel and Cathy also dropped in to visit. The whole time I could not sit still -- I was perpetually uncomfortable and kept changing seats or going to get something mostly for the sake of moving around.

On Sunday (I believe) I was talking to Dan on the phone and mentioned this, and he told me about the stuff he takes for a similar issue. I just happened to look over at my meds and found that I had "the cure" lying around. I'm not one to medicate myself if I don't feel "more than a little icky" -- so I stop taking some of the things I'm prescribed and tend to forget a little.

After taking the Prilosecs, or whatever, I had the return of the appetite. This may seem like nothing, but I really haven't had an appetite since the time before 1990. Suddenly, though, it came on full force and I was eating three times a day. In most recent years I wasn't able to do that for more than a day or two if I was really trying. For the moment, I'll try to take this as a good sign.

In fact, all-in-all I've been feeling rather perky the week or so. I've even needed a shave and some hair is coming back in on my head. The hair feels like a baby's hair, and I'm not sure if it's coming in dark or if it's gray. It's pretty good timing, though -- the hat I've been wearing was beginning to get a little warm now that we're crossing into summer.

And with the change to warmer weather, we've been doing some yardwork: getting the lawn mowed and raked (though I did poke myself removing the dethatcher blade and now apparently need to get a tetanus shot); Angie and the girls planted flowers. We're keeping busy with that sort of stuff.

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