Sunday, May 3, 2009

Near Death Experiences

My friend Ryan was visiting this weekend while passing through from the Philly area to North Dakota. It was a good visit; we pretty much just talked and stayed around the house all weekend.

One of the things that I'd forgotten was his motorcycle accident in the early 90's: talking to him on the phone doesn't show that his walk is still not what it was before the accident. But he also mentioned his near-death experience from that day a long time ago.

That brought to mind a blog post I'd made back in November 2007 on one of my prototype blogs elseweb. Much of that post was a show I had found online and posted. Here is a slightly trimmed version:
Near-Death Experiences

Also along the way I encountered the experience of Howard Storm. I found the following interesting regardless.


As a footnote at least, I need to mention that I do not always fully take in the mountainous information that one can encounter as a result of searching the web. But I did feel the need to make special mention of a book that I had read decades ago with no original correlation to the development of my current debate. But encountering it 20ish years later within my searching is a coincidence I have no issue with sharing. Embraced by the Light is a good book to read for any reason.
I also found it interesting with that book. I had read it rather out of the blue (as far as I can remember) about 20 years ago. I had interest in it again back in 2007. And I certainly had a renewed interest in it of late. I had ordered it a couple months back and reread it over a weekend.

It's quite interesting to look back at the things I'd read and try to ascertain whether it was my initial read that influence some of my later views, or that my later views ended up matching a number of things that happened to be in the book.

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