Monday, May 4, 2009

Treatment Options

I've been asked more than a few times about considering treatment options somewhere else. I've looked into things a bit, and I believe both Dr. Amatruda and I are both open to suggestions. My sister Karen has looked into possibilities in the Seattle area for me. I passed this along to Dr. Amatruda who replied,
I dont know of any unique therapies available in Seattle. John Thompson is a melanoma oncologist out there who is excellent.

You may wish to see if he has anything of value for you. Let me know if I can help sort out any information, etc.
In the past week or so since I found out that the chemotherapy wasn't working, I haven't looked into the other options in detail. I've had some scans and prep for tomorrow's chemoembolization. Essentially, I believe, the attempt at a systemic treatment to halt progression and get rid of the tumors (the chemotherapy) failed. Right now the primary concern is to stop these tumors from progressing. The chemoembolization is another attempt in that regard.

Previously there was a research study or two that we've made attempts to pursue. One didn't pan out, and the other it was probably fortunate that I didn't make it into (I'm not 100% sure that this was the particular one).

I hadn't gone searching for the two studies above; Dr. Amatruda was looking into options and presented them to me. I've bounced by him some of the articles that turned up in my feed, but we've pursued other options.

And I still have IL-2 related possibilities -- such as clinical trials -- out there as an option. What we decide to pursue tends to be with regard to the most recent scans and my tumors' responses to the treatment. We are pretty much continually looking into new developments, even though many don't seem to fit my situation for one reason or another (like the Mayo study due to my A3A11-ness).

Bottom line: yes, we're open to any options. Evaluating, comparing, contrasting, and considering pros and cons tend to make for interesting little consultation sessions. So please, keep any ideas coming. I want to find something that works as much as anybody!

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