Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back to Work

Back to the grind. I went in to work as usual ... and worked.

But at least I was pleasantly reminded that today was the chili cook-off. I sampled 14 different and delicious chili recipes from folks in the office -- and voted on one that lost. But good chili is always in the taste buds of the beerholder, and alas we had no beer. The winning entry was quite good, by the way; I just prefer to add onions, cheese, sour cream, and jalepenos to mine, so I look for a "thinner" variety.

Towards the later part of the workday, my clothes were beginning to wear a bit on the bare naked wounds (as in, no bandages nor magic goo). I had left the house in haste today without bandages or the magic goo. I remedied that quickly after I got home.

So the day was much closer to "the normal" already: I gave Heather her bath (which took me a while to get all that hair back the way I try to keep it), but Angie didn't let me carry her to bed. Other than that, it's been pretty close to business as usual (with a notable exception about being wary of turning my head to the left when backing up a vehicle).

Until Tuesday I remain in a happy little holding pattern. "All is well."

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