Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Good Time

Last night Angie got me out of the house!

We went over to a party at Noel's and had lots of good eats and drinks and laughs and fun. It was an 'eat lots of fatty foods' and drink beer and make a fire kind of thing.

We had deep fried venison, deep fried homemade onion rings, deep fried perogies, deep fried homemade corndogs, deep fried egg rolls; grilled jalepeno burgers, grilled sweet corn, grilled hot dogs, taco dip, deep fried homemade doughnuts. All kinds of yummy.

Dan and Sandy came to town to join in, and Al and Melissa were there too. Plus many of Noel's neighbors that join him far more often than I. It was a bit rainy most of the day, but it wasn't raining in the evening. Still, Noel got a bonfire going in the back, and we had many laughs (such as me cracking wise about being most afraid of hearing, "It rubs the lotion on it's skin" in reference to my upcoming excision).

Kathy* and I had some of our typical mock-fighting. Later in the day she happened to be wearing a flannel that looked quite a bit like mine. At one point she whipped it off because of something I said (like, "Where's my twin sister?" or something), and went to do something. I quietly replaced hers with mine. When she returned and put it back on she had a most quizzical look regarding the meds in the left pocket.

With all my other news being kind of a downer lately, I thought I'd share the good time I had last night to bring back some good cheer.

[*]Angie put 'Kathy' on the birthday card for her that we finally brought over (Cathy's birthday is in March).

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