Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bandages Off

I took a break for a late lunch and picking away at the bandages. I got the neck one off first. While cleaning it up I thought it looked like I grew a gill.

The other one took a little while for me to get a good angle on. Angie had offered to take them off, but I chose to do it myself -- as well as their cleaning. I don't think she cares to touch them directly.

But I did make her put the magic goo on them, though.

Hm. Looking at the photo, it appears I have a little more cleanup to do on the big guy.

Update: Dr. Economou called just now (about 4:45) and asked if I wanted to hear the results of the pathology tests. Knowing now that 'over the phone' = 'happy results' I said "sure!" He told me that the node looked good and the surrounding skin that was excised did too.

So now all the information goes to Dr. Amatruda and on Tuesday he'll let me know where we go from here. My only remaining concern is that Dr. Kortuem had mentioned maybe something with the liver(?), and the pre-op for yesterday's work had indicated some "elevated" levels of 'liver stuff'. But at this point I'm hoping that the news will continue to come up positive.

I want to thank everybody for keeping me in their thoughts and prayers.

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