Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Morning After

Today I'm working from home. My thoughts last night that I'd sent my co-workers (slightly edited):
Thoughts on work tomorrow:
  • Things went fine: Todays Adventure.
  • Afterwards I've been feeling okay, I just have the sore shoulder and back.
  • I would probably come in if I knew how I'd be tomorrow, but I'm still playing it by ear.
  • I haven't taken any pain meds yet, but if I need 'em one of them is vicodin.
  • So I'm kinda leaning towards WFH, in that I can work on the [work specifics], as well as the usual audio trimming.
  • Plus I can maybe call the IT folks and finally figure out the VPN.
  • Then if I do need any pain meds, I don't have to worry about the drive home.
  • Or if I need to lie down for a bit, it'd be easier to do here. (Heh.)
But basically I feel fine and would like to get some work done tomorrow, rather than lying around the house being bored.
I'm pleased to have finally gotten the VPN working (perhaps because I finally used Contivity instead of the other methods I'd confused myself into thinking were the ones to use). Some of the things I'm doing over the network are a bit pokey, but it gives me a moment or two to write this.

I'm still avoiding the pain meds; it's more 'discomfort' than 'pain'. It feels like I had skin that used to be two inches apart subcutaneously sewn together. But then again, I believe that's what happened.

So far, so good.

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